Take on the role of an elite Machinist and drive your Wreckers in full metal, robot on robot combat! In The Third Law you are one with the machine, riding the grid, dealing and receiving life-threatening feedback as you strive to cripple your opponents' mind. Control the Nodes or annihilate their Wreckers; either way only one Machinist will walk away with the prize.

With a dynamically shifting battlefield and an unparalleled level of immersion, The Third Law marks a new peak in skirmish level, miniatures wargames. Constant interaction between players anchors a fluid combat system; subroutines are assigned and executed in devastating assaults. Unleash your custom code as lethal programs drive your Wreckers onward in a brutal frenzy of destruction.



There are 4 initial factions in The Third Law, each with their own back-story, motivations, look and play style.  With in-faction options for Machinists, Wreckers and upgrades, each Array selected will be unique to you and the strategy you determine.


About Us


Kevin Horseman

Game Design Director

Kevin 'Max' Horseman is a veteran of the wargaming tournament scene, beginning in the days of 2nd edition Warhammer 40k. Over the past 15 years Max has won tournaments in many game systems with highlights including winning the GW Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament in 2002 and (alongside Geoff Porritt) writing the renowned 'Iron Warriors vs Space Wolves' Battle Report in White Dwarf 293. Has recently confused everybody by winning not 1 but 2 best painted army trophies, a remarkable feat given his stumpy fingers. Kevin is an engineer and maths whizz which he thinks makes him the brains of the outfit, really it just makes him the most socially awkward.


Geoff PorritT

Operations Director

Geoff has been winning wargames trophies for as long as he can remember; he thinks this is something to be very proud of but the rest of us know the truth.  He specializes in complex terminology, unnecessary acronyms, quick questions and breaking stuff - primarily rules sets (although on one memorable occasion, the roof of Kev's car).  He likes to imagine that he keeps the team organised but we all know you can't cage chaos. In the real world he is massively overpaid for delegating work to other people (he calls it 'Project Management', we call it 'Lazy').  Geoff is the perfectionist of the team, which is frequently annoying but does usually result in marked improvements to all aspects of the creative process.



Mark Muslek

Managing Director

Mark is a serial entrepreneur, blind optimist and veteran of both life and gaming.  He has won more tournaments than he can remember (because he can only just remember last week) including multiple honours in WAB, WHFB, Flames of War, X-Wing and probably tiddlywinks.  In the real world he has owned and managed wide range of businesses across sectors as diverse as IT Solutions, Miniatures Casting and Home Improvements.  He likes to pretend to be the voice of reason and wisdom in the team but really is just the grumpy old man who shouts at us when we annoy him by writing silly bio's.


David Harbord

Creative Director

Dave has won no major gaming trophies like the rest of this bunch and instead contents himself with the occasional silver.  He once finished runner up to Jamie Perkins in a Warmachine UK Masters and back in the day managed to herd the eclectic gaming talents of 'The Northern Warlords' to 4 WPS Club Challenge wins.  Now he is old and bitter and contents himself with writing dark science fiction to exorcise his inner demons.  He likes designing robots, working with artists and apologising for Geoff.  Sometimes he remembers he has a day job and tries to teach the youth of today how to be the filmmakers and designers of tomorrow.