Full Metal Dragons




K-TEC 'Shogun'

Of the many robotics companies the Yakuza had invested in before The Collapse, Heishi Robotics were the most financially rewarding however K-TEC provided them with their most valued possession.  In the ritualised battles of the World After, the Shogun has attained something of a mythical status; a marvel of engineering even when the world was whole, it is now seen as nothing less than a mechanical idol.  It is rare that the Full Metal Dragons will risk one in combat but when they do, footage of the match will be distributed far and wide.  Such is the clamour for a glimpse of this god machine, bars in shantytowns will be packed to the rafters if they can acquire even low-res pirate footage of the Shogun dismembering the Wreckers of weaker, less glamorous factions.


Heishi 'Daikyu' 5000

Heishi Robotics did not reap huge benefits from labouring under the control of Yakuza masters.  The Full Metal Dragons are not known for suffering delays lightly and many a Heishi employee found themselves swiftly removed from their post when they failed to deliver the latest model in a time scale commensurate to the desires of the Oyabun.  In a strange twist of fate however, the nepotistic appointment of Miki Kaneko as lead designer on the 'Daikyu' project directly led to a remarkable success.  Espousing elegance over power, Kaneko insisted on the development of the composite 'Yumi XLS' and a more mobile robot to wield it.  The Daikyu 5000 became an immediate favourite with security contractors across Asia, fulfilling the pragmatic need for precision ranged firepower and a more nebulous desire to link to the aesthetic of their traditional warrior heritage. 

On the battlegrounds of The World After, the Daikyu is equally in demand.  The range of ammunition available for the priceless Yumi XLS bows makes this an invaluable tool in the hands of Full Metal Dragon Machinists.  Whether it is raining death from afar or impeding the progress of enemy Wreckers, this machine is the heartbeat of many a Full Metal Dragon Array.



K-TEC 'Naginata' G-TR

The K-TEC 'Naginata' is an adaptable, flexible and above all, efficient Wrecker.  Whilst the Full Metal Dragons had the foresight to ensure that they and only they controlled the majority of the functioning solar panels remaining in The World After, they do not have an inexhaustable supply of electricity.  The thick smog that covers most post-Collapse urban areas renders these an inefficient and unreliable technology at best, so any Wrecker that requires limited charge time is invaluable.  Using the same lithium-air batteries as its larger and more power hungry counterparts, the Naginata will keep on running for hours after the Shoguns and Ronins in the Array have been forced to power down.  This is especially remarkable given the ampage required to power its primary weapon, the 'Shuri-stun VI' throwing stars mounted on each of its four forearms.  Hurling these with deadly accuracy the Naginata is able to pin down multiple opponants before sprinting away to safety leaving stunned Wreckers in its wake.


NRI 'Ronin' Mk5

Nakimi Robotics Incorporated made their name designing hardware upgrades for many of the popular Heishi security robots active in the far east before The Collapse.  Their only entry into the crowded Tech/Sec marketplace was initially an utter failure with the Mk 1 Ronin being beset with mechanical failures and unpopular with consumers who were loathe to trust an untried manufacturer.  Nevertheless, NRI persevered and after 4 equally unsuccesful iterations they finally hit paydirt with the Ronin Mk5.  Upscaling their original design, they offered a cheaper alternative to the exorbitant price charged by Heishi for their top of the line 'Shogun'.  The Ronin became the Wrecker of choice in its class; a large robot that was both flexible and durable and that did not require the specialist maintenance of its more expensive direct competitor.  Post-Collapse the Ronin has become a mainstay of Full Metal Dragon Arrays; its simple gearing and cabling is well suited to a world short on mechanical expertise and its long Yari spear is an effective but easily replaceable munition.


Heishi 'Maiko' NSX

It has become a common misconception that the Robot Revolution largely impacted the military arena; if this was the case The Collapse would never have occurred.  Instead it was the proliferation of robotic labour in every arena that directly caused a global spike in fossil fuel consumption.  The Maiko is the perfect example of the redundant employment of advanced robotic technology; only profit drove Heishi to service the desires of a wealthy ruling elite, only vanity explains the need for a robotic dancing girl.  Historically the role of the Geisha in Japanese society was to provide entertainment to high class social gatherings; skilled female performers who specialised in a range of art forms would entertain the most powerful and elite members of a largely patriarchal society.  With the Maiko line, Heishi created the ultimate status symbol, a prohibitively expensive robotic marvel that could leap higher and spin faster than any human dancer dared to dream.  When the Yakuza began to flex their robotic muscle in the World After it was a matter of a simple re-coding to ensure the speed and flexibility of the Maiko could be put to effective use on the wrecking grounds of this new Earth. 



Kovak has risen rapidly through the ranks of the Full Metal Dragons; he was one of the first to demonstrate the mental capacity to drive a six Wrecker Array and has defeated countless Machinists to further the power and influence of his faction.  He is a firm believer in the martial traditions of his ancestors and has rescued a huge collection of historical military texts from the ashes of the World Before.  He fancies himself one of the great generals of the age and in many ways he is right to. 

Machinists are a rare breed and many find themselves thrust into an arena they are simply not ready for.  Having the mental capacity to drive a Wrecker Array is a remarkable talent but too often those that can achieve this simply do not have the edge required to survive in combat.  Kovak does not suffer this particular problem.  He had established his reputation as a ruthless killer long before The Peace was imposed and after falling foul of the pacifier nets one too many times, he now has an alternate outlet for the warrior inside.  Only used now in the most crucial of duels, he is viewed by the Dragons as a priceless asset; a Machinist and warrior housed within the same mind.




After The Collapse power has been shared amongst a wide range of equally nefarious factions. Crime syndicates such as the Yakuza relied on their traditional strengths of loyalty and obedience to survive the fall and have now have significant influence in this World After. Across the globe, Yakuza gangs such as the Full Metal Dragons have carved out territories in most of the remaining urban sprawls and frequently demonstrate a ruthless efficiency in eliminating the robotic resources of their rivals

At the turn of the 21st century the Yakuza had invested considerable sums of money in legitimate robotics ventures and they showed admirable foresight in securing and storing a wide range of combat ready Wreckers as they hunkered down and rode out the global conflict. When the Empyreans revealed their intentions to the world the Yakuza were one of the first to adapt, using carefully hoarded power cores to fuel their elite Heishi Robots. The Empyreans may have outlawed human death but they have placed no such restriction on pain and suffering and in this the Yakuza are past masters. They soon initiated rigorous screening processes on those loyal to them and now possess some of the most skilled and experienced Machinists operating within the ruins of civilisation. It is an ambitious faction that calls a match against the Full Metal Dragons, knowing that they will face the full force of some of the finest combat Wreckers the world has seen.