The Third Law is a skirmish level, sci-fi miniatures wargame where players take on the role of a 'Machinist'; selecting and controlling their Wrecker Arrays to do battle against rival factions in a dark, near future world.

Starting with your choice of Machinist, you will select, upgrade and control a small team of robotic combatants (Wreckers) in tabletop combat.  Your ultimate goal is to inflict enough feedback damage to the opposing Machinist (while minimising the feedback you endure) to ensure that it is them and not you that is removed from the battleground in a comatose state. 

You can inflict feedback in a myriad of ways but most commonly damage to a Machinist is done through the temporary loss of a Wrecker, through The Grid itself (by controlling the strategically significant 'Nodes') or through direct Machinist attacks.  Depending on the faction you chose, you will discover a wide range of options and specialisms that can help you emerge victorious. 

With its innovative 'subroutine' resource allocation system, The Third Law is an unparalled tactical challenge for even veteran gamers.  Your choice of Machinist, Wreckers and upgrades will determine the type and quantity of resources available to you in battle.  With each Wrecker making a contribution to the global subroutine pool you begin defining your strategy as you select your Array. 

Futher strategic depth is delivered through an ever changing battlefield; as Nodes change hands new fronts open up and astute Machinists can take advantage of the ebb and flow of power across The Grid to inflict further punishment on their opponent.  It may not be enough simply to dominate by weight of metal, often victory is seized by those who can best control the currents of energy and create crippling waves of feedback.  By using your Wreckers to secure and hold Nodes deep in enemy territory you can ensure the safety of your neural pathways while inflicting untold damage on the mental capacity of your foe.

Finally, as the controlling Machinist you are able to bring your own range of special abilities to bear on the outcome of the battle.  With each Machinist equipped with their own custom code you can take advantage of more efficient programmes to drive your Wreckers.  Depending on your class you may find yourself able to support your Wreckers with more effective subroutines or cripple your enemies with devastating viral strikes.  Whoever you chose to play as, you can create a bespoke package of abilities that reflect your playstyle and tactical preferences.