The ACB NitroBlaster

I like explosions in a game, really big explosions that flatten (figuratively) models to the floor and cause untold havoc and destruction.  In the ACB NitroBlaster, the Carbon Combine can deliver this in spades.

The NitroBlaster was not initially planned to be one of our first production miniatures but after seeing the fantastic sculpt from Romeo Salbatecu we simply had to get one in our hands.  It is the proud owner of a number of 'firsts'; it was one of the first Wreckers designed and it is a part of the first faction we wrote.  Despite the many iterations the game has gone through over the last year, the NitroBlaster has rarely changed; it's about the explosions, stupid.

In the world after The Collapse it is rare that a faction is able to field a Wrecker with the destructive power of the NitroBlaster. However, we gave special dispensation to the Carbon Combine who we felt would have definitely hoarded a significant quantity of industrial grade explosives as insurance against any future aggressors.  With most members of the Combine experts in engineering, mining and demolitions it was a short leap to envisage a simple, direct fire rocket launcher mounted on a rugged all terrain base.  The NitroBlaster offers Combine Machinists invaluable ranged support while their powerful but slow Pickmen and Crushers get into position.  It not only dishes out remarkable damage, it is also capable of immobilizing enemies, knocking them down with the concussive force of its powerful, short range armament.