The K-TEC 'Shogun'

The K-TEC 'Shogun' was our opportunity to give a four metre tall robot a giant katana.  Unsurprisingly it wasn't a long discussion to get this Wrecker agreed and signed off.

The Full Metal Dragons are a faction that have undergone something of a rollercoaster ride during the development of The Third Law; would they be part of the key art? Were they right to be one of the initial factions? Had we pitched the aesthetic correctly?  In the end it came down to a very simple question; did we think our fellow gamers would appreciate a giant samurai robot with a two and a half metre long katana? We think we know our audience and so not only did the Shogun (along with the rest of the Full Metal Dragon Wreckers we will be revealing) make the cut (pun intended), this beast of a robot is the third of our initial production models. 

Given the vague nature of the original brief (looking back I pity Mr Adam Burn in dealing with us in the early days of this project) the initial concept sketches really excited us.  The Shogun was dynamic and unique; the double jointed knees suggested an explosive power and he had really captured the medieval japanese aesthetic we were searching for. 

As the textures were applied Adam created the signature chrome and red scheme that would come to define the faction.  Now it was just down to Romeo to sculpt what would be a very challenging model.

So finally we make it to the finished Shogun.  In the early days of development Kev wrote some pretty brutal rules for this elite combat Wrecker and now we have a miniature that can really live up to them.  On the tabletop in The Third Law the Shogun is the lord of melee combat, able to dish out more damage in a single hit than any other Wrecker in the game.  With its obsidean-bonded katana it has the potential to trash opponents in a single round of combat, overloading its titanium reinforced pistons to drive its blade through the thickest armour plating.