The Smithson 'Crusher' HAC

Some factions have fancy katana wielding, custom built, combat Wreckers.  Some have access to sophisticated military gubbins with bells, whistles and flashly lights.  The Carbon Combine snort derisively in the direction of these over engineered kiddies toys and would like to refer you to a machine for true grafters.  A Wrecker built from steel and iron and sweat. A Wrecker riveted together in workshops where those that know what hard work really is, labour in the heat from industrial forges to produce robots designed to move mountains.

The Smithson 'Crusher' HAC; If you absolutely, positively have to destroy every Wrecker on the battleground, accept no substitute. 

The Crusher was originally designed as an upgrade for the widely available Pickman; as mankind delved further and deeper into the depths of the Earth, more powerful and destructive machinary was required to reach the ever more precious resources hidden below.  The Crusher was equipped with the most powerful MRB rock drill ever produced; nicknamed the 'Siege' drill, this rotary cutter tore through the toughest of rock formations like they were soft cheese.  In the World After, the Combine has been quick to secure as many of these devastating robots as it can; the Crusher was designed to destroy mountains so the steel and polycarbon of enemy Wreckers poses little challenge.

Romeo has really managed to deliver a sculpt that perfectly captures the heft, weight and sheer brawn of the Crusher.  From the hydraulic claws with powerful driving pistons to the giant rotary drill, everything about this model screams destructive brutality. It is the very definition of inexorable doom, slowly stomping its way across the battleground.

On the tabletop, Kev has reflected this in the Crusher's abilities.  It is as slow and ponderous as the rest of its Combine peers but when it arrives, it delivers shockingly effective damage.  Whilst at first look the attack dice for the Siege drill are similar to those of other melee specialists, it is the alternate 'Crit Effect' on the Crusher's card that makes it so efficient.  On top of its regular strike damage, the Crusher is able to inflict an additional 2 damage tokens to enemy Wreckers if its attacks are not 'jammed'.  Like with all Carbon Combine Wreckers, it has high durability and thick armour so although it will take punishment at range, it is designed to soak it up and keep on moving.  Machinists that manage to deliver the Crusher to the right point on the battleground will not be disappointed.