The K-TEC 'Naginata' G-TR

Every faction needs a Wrecker that its opponants grow to hate; a Wrecker that frustrates them at every turn, that just seems to always be in the right place at the wrong time.  In the K-TEC 'Naginata' G-TR the Full Metal Dragons have a paragon of the art of annoyance.  A Wrecker that can outrun the swiftest opponent, can dance through the most brutal melee with nary a scratch on it and can 'short' out the toughest of enemies.

The Naginata was actually the very first piece of concept art that Adam Burn produced for The Third Law.  Its chrome and red finish established the aesthetic for the Full Metal Dragons and the segmented tail, lithe limbs and neon blue power sources became motifs for the faction as a whole.  We have this Wrecker to thank for cementing our relationship with Adam, it was after seeing this that we knew we had found 'our guy' and he has gone on to blow our socks off with Wrecker after Wrecker.

The Naginata actually has the honour of holding a number of 'firsts' for Primogenesis Ltd and The Third Law.  Whilst the Wretch stole the title of being the first model into production, the Naginata was also the first sculpt that Romeo produced for us and it holds a special place in all our hearts because of it.  A four-armed metal dragon robot was never going to be an easy task but Romeo has done a superb job; the miniature really communicates the pace and dexterity of both the art and the rules.

On the tabletop the Naginata survives by virtue of its blistering speed, the ability to dodge the most deadly attacks and through its signature weapon, the NRI 'Shuri-stun' throwing stars.  With this unique ranged attack the Naginata can apply the 'shorted' impairment to multiple opposing Wreckers before retreating back to a safe distance and allowing the destructive poetry of a fully tooled Shogun to finish the job. 

As we delve deeper and deeper into the tabletop mechanics of 'The Third Law' we can start to reveal more and more of the details about how these miniatures function.  Shortly we will be releasing the second in our series of 'Anatomy' videos, guiding you through a 'Wrecker Card' and how these metal gladiators function on the battlegrounds of the World After.  For now though here is a sneak peak at the card we will be examining in the video; the K-TEC Naginata G-TR.