Full Metal Dragons: Filling out the faction

With today's preview of the concept art for the NRI 'Ronin' Mk5 and the Heishi 'Maiko' NSX we have nearly completed the unveiling of the Full Metal Dragons.  All of Adam's fantastic work is now published in the faction art gallery and on the Facebook page and the background for both Wreckers can be found on the faction page.  If you haven't already seen them then just take a look below at these beautiful, chrome killing machines.

The Maiko is now in the excited and talented hands of Romeo and our final Full Metal Dragon preview will be the third sculpt; joining the Shogun and Naginata in making the journey from sketch, to concept to digital sculpt.

As we have revealed many of the rules mechanics used in a game of The Third Law it would seem a little churlish not to provide a few specifics as to how these Wreckers function on the tabletop.  The Ronin is the second large Wrecker available for the Full Metal Dragons and while it does not possess the pure destructive power of the 'invaluable' Shogun, it is available at a much reduced power cost.  In contrast to the Shogun, the Ronin is both more durable and more maneuverable; the combination of both 'Strike 2' and 'Sidestep 1' offers great flexibility, with the Ronin able to deliver respectable damage as well as moving in combat to make greater use of its 'Yari Spear' special rule.  The length of this simple polearm allows the Ronin to support combats from an increased range of 3" and the additional white dice this provides can often be the difference between victory and defeat.

The Maiko offers the Full Metal Dragons a second speedster to compliment the Naginata.  Where the Naginata relies on the raw pace of its speed stat, the Maiko can use its 'Sidestep 2' during melee attacks to potentially move an additional 4".  Clever Machinists will take advantage of this as the Maiko can pinball through a crowded combat, sidestepping away from opponents and making its way into the backfield to contest and threaten vulnerable Home Nodes. 

With all the Wreckers now revealed it has hopefully become clear how flexible a faction the Full Metal Dragons are.  Their Arrays tend toward a combined arms approach; the deadly melee power of the Shogun is well supported by the maneuverable and durable Ronin.  As they advance, the ranged threat of the Daikyu allows them to dictate when and where combats will take place and in the Naginata and the Maiko they have the ability to outflank enemies, quickly assault Home Nodes and impair their enemies.  Finally, the strategic upgrades available to Kovak means that a Full Metal Dragon array is often very efficient with its subroutine pool, able to extract the maximum potential from each and every Wrecker whilst avoiding dangerous overloads.