Battlehammer Game 2 - With Added Upgrade Goodness!

The wonderful maniacs over at Battlehammer HQ have been hard at work playtesting The Third Law and fortunately for us are still loving the game! In this latest video, Parker and Straw face off for the second time and now the training wheels have really been removed; with a bumper rack of Wrecker and Machinist upgrades socketed they begin to fully experience the layers of strategic and tactical depth built into the game.

Whilst it will come as no surprise to anybody that Straw still can't roll dice it is great to see the game in the hand of people other than ourselves.  As the lads discovered, both types of upgrades make a real difference on the tabletop and allow a player to create a bespoke Array that suits their individual style.  Straw thought the base Shogun was a pretty deadly machine but with a few well chosen upgrades it becomes a veritable avatar of destruction.

It was also nice to see the Machinist upgrades in the public eye for the first time.  Used well these can really swing a game in crunch moments. Unlike some game systems their are no 'I win' buttons that you can equip a Machinist with, instead, their abilites compliment and support their Array; granting access to extra resources, making Wreckers more efficient and in some cases even disrupting the Nodes on the battlefield.  Whatever the specialism or ability, these upgrades require careful execution as an over eager Machinist will find his code easily decompiled.

Keep your eye out over the next 7 days, the Print and Play resources are nearly ready and soon you too will be able to start powering up your Wreckers ready for a game of The Third Law!