The CAE 'Punisher' Variant X

There is very little truly specialised military technology still functioning in the World After.  The factions have adapted industrial machinary, repurposed domestic robots, even managed to refurbish some privately owned security units but few of these can match the custom built combat prowess of government funded engineering.  The CAE 'Punisher' represented the very pinnacle of pre-Collapse robotics engineering and in the World After a functioning Punisher is a priceless asset.

The Punishers that remain active in the World After are a shadow of their former glory; they have survived years of hard use, fighting battle after battle in the conflicts that were endemic to The Collapse.  The expertise and materials required to maintain and repair these destructive masterpieces has dwindled, as has the efficacy of their uranium fuel cells.  This is the only reason Liberty Division have not been able to bring humanity to heel under their hardened polycarbonate boot, a fully functioning Punisher would be unstoppable on the battlegounds of the World After.   As with the world around it, this prince of Wreckers has had to accept a hard truth; all power fades with time.

For a tabletop gamer there is always a secret desire to know 'what is the best?' 'Which one is the most powerful?' In The Third Law the number one contender for the title is the Punisher X Variant.  Equipped with a powerful, multi-function 'Breacher' cannon, a 'Fissure' Tri-blade and the inpenetrable Synthetic DiaX Shield, this Wrecker boasts unequalled flexibility in both offense and defense.  Power comes with a price though; the Punisher is one of a small group of 'Invaluable' Wreckers still operating in the World After, only fielded in the most significant of battles and rarely seen in numbers. 

For aspiring Liberty Division Machinists, fielding this Wrecker comes at a hefty cost.  The unparalled options that it provides on the battlefield have a significant power cost and including a Punisher as part of an Array will consume a large chunk of the MW available.  For those that really want to go to town, the Punisher Variant X is fully upgradable, boasting a range of customisation slots far in excess of the average Wrecker.  In extreme circumstances it is not unimaginable for this god of war to consume over a third of the available power in an Array.

However you choose to equip it, while the Punisher may have seen years of service battling its way through The Collapse and into the World After, it is still a force to be reckoned with.  It may not have the sleek elegance of the days when it rolled off the CAE factory assembly lines but it is still a brutal weapon of war and more than a match for the repurposed diggers and labourers of its enemies.