Heishi 'Maiko' NSX

The Maiko is the last in our series of preview sculpts for the Full Metal Dragons and boy is it a beauty.  As you would expect from an FMD Wrecker, the Maiko is all about fluid lines, elegance and a more sophisticated, digital aesthetic. 

The Maiko wasn't always a combat robot; before The Collapse this machine served an entirely different purpose, waiting on the every need of those affluent enough to afford what was really only a vanity project from Heishi.  It proved surprisingly popular; mankind has never lacked the desire to flaunt wealth and from businessmen to Yakuza captains, a robotic dancing girl became the ultimate status symbol.  Its potential as a combat Wrecker went unnoticed until an enterprising Full Metal Dragon technician decided to relieve his boredom with a pet project.  Originally only intending to entertain his colleagues with his reprogrammed Maiko, its deadly potential soon became apparent when it removed the head of an unfortunate co-worker with a sharpened fanblade.  The technician was immediately promoted and scavenger crews returned to the well-looted apartments of the wealthy and elite, this time searching for the previously ignored domestic entertainment.

On the table the Maiko is a very interesting piece.  Lacking the 'Strike' damage of many of its peers, it is the ultimate back-line skirmisher.  Using its remarkable 'Sidestep' ability it is able to dance through congested melee's to deny rival Machinists valuable subroutines from their Home Nodes.  Woe betide the incautious player who leaves a 'live' Home Node vulnerable, the Maiko is a specialist in getting into position to inflict significant feedback, leaving the lumbering Wreckers of less nimble factions to wonder just how it got past them.