The Third Law: Kickstarter Date Confirmed

April 11th! Put the date in your diary folks, stick it on a post it on the fridge, tattoo it to the insides of your eyelids.  Whatever method you choose we are happy; your support so far has been amazing and has blown us all away and now we are very nearly there.  On the 11th of April the Kickstarter for The Third Law will go live and you will have the chance to get your hands on all the goodies we have been previewing for the last couple of months and much, much more.

The Kickstarter itself will feature a number of new and exciting options for backers.  The four factions already previewed will be available so whether the re-purposed industrial Wreckers of the Carbon Combine, the scavenged and rusted factory machines of The Ridden, the advanced military technology of the Liberty Division or the digital elegance of the Full Metal Dragons have taken your eye, a wide range of tastes are catered for.  Backers will have access to a Kickstarter exclusive model from a brand new faction as well as being able to get their hands on the beautiful, full colour rulebook, custom dice and full token sets.  Along with all of this goodness we have stretch goals aplenty so hopefully you can help us to unlock 'Huge' Wreckers for the factions (just wait until you see the 'Wardozer' or the 'Leveler'), a whole host of upgrade cards, new Machinists and of course, shiny new additional factions.

if you haven't already, why not check out the print and play rules, resources and tutorials that can be found by clicking the link below

The reviews so far have been unanimously positive and we are absolutely committed to a 'try before you buy' policy.  If you don't have the time to get it all printed off, give the tutorial a read, it is very user friendly and will really give you an initial feel for the game.

We will be back very soon with previews of the Kickstarter itself, in the meantime, why not head over and make sure you have given us a 'like' on Facebook or signed up to our mailing list so you can receive up to the minute updates on all the latest news and previews!