The Third Law: 'The Ridden' Part 2

Finally the Shocksphere is public.  Hands down the best design idea we have ever had.  Imagine the conversation....

"What's that Mark? A zorb ball? What d'ya mean a metal zorb ball?"

"Metal zorb ball? That's a cracking idea, tell you what, lets electrify it too, then it can just banjo about rolling into stuff....go on Kev, let us do'll be hilarious..."

And thus was born the Shocksphere.  A giant metal hamster ball of doom, speeding around the battlegrounds of the World After like a deranged pinball, smashing into everything and anything, leaving circuits fried and toes stepped on. 

Oh yeah, we designed the Jetflare too.

Not to do the Jetflare a disservice though; it is one of the most interesting and deadly Wreckers in service after The Collapse.  It is little more than an industrial welder, reclaimed from abandoned docklands where it is no longer required to seal the hulls of super giant container ships.  With twin plasma cutting torches the Jetflare is a something of a rarity; few factions would weaponise a fuel that could be used to power other Wreckers.  Smith however does not have access to the specific, militarised, robotics technology of his rivals and so he must commit precious scavenged fuels in an attempt to level the playing field.  On the tabletop the Jetflare embodies the desperation of The Ridden, destroy it and you may well find yourself caught in the backwash of an explosion.

Aside from my slightly embellished retelling of the design process, the Shocksphere gives The Ridden a tactical option unavailable to the other 3 factions.  Unlike most Wreckers, the Shocksphere does not necessarily need to spend precious Offensive subroutines in order to cause chaos.  Simply turboing in to base contact will cause a Shorted impairment, crippling Wreckers without ever needing to 'attack'.  In one turn the Shocksphere can potentially disrupt the activations of many rival Wreckers, assuming you have the Dynamic subroutines to spend and pass those overload tests.