The Third Law: The 'Shocksphere' Preview Sculpt

The Shocksphere; a lesson in never let Dave and Mark loose on Wrecker design.  We knew the art was crazy and to be honest, we weren't sure once Adam had drawn it that we would be able to find someone to sculpt it.  Fortunately for us Ben Wosley-Charles exists and my word did he do a cracking job of delivering the 'hamster-ball of doom' onto the tabletop.

The Shocksphere is literally a giant, electrified, steel zorb ball with a crazed meatsack wired into the internal gyroscopic core.  Its purpose on the battleground is simple and devastatingly effective; to crash headlong into any threat using a combination of momentum, impact and voltage to cripple teams of Wreckers as it pinballs about.

The Shocksphere gives The Ridden some much needed alpha strike potential.  With a very high speed and a healthy level of durability it is designed to lead the charge; maximising the chaos it sows through a unique combination of special abilities.

Whilst not necessarily dishing out a huge amount of damage the Shocksphere can inflict a wide range of disruptive outcomes on its targets.  Simply turboing into base contact will result in an enemy Wrecker suffering the 'Shorted' impairment; assuming that the 'Sphere then decides to attack (as the option to turbo again into another model is often simply to hilarious to pass up), a clever machinist will often find a way to shove the rival Wrecker into a barrier as a result of the combat action, infliciting an additional damage on top of any strike damage the 'Sphere has been able to allocate itself. 

Most importantly though, using the Shocksphere is simply the most fun you can have on a tabletop with your clothes on.  It is the ultimate machine for delivering comedy shenanigans; noticed that your opponent is running low on Dynamic subroutines? Why not cripple his entire array by bouncing a 'Sphere through the centre?  Need to shift that strategically annoying defender, shove him along a barrier and let the opportunistic Loaders finish him.  It also comes with its own theme tune; I challenge all of you not to do your best karaoke rendition of the Miley Cyrus classic 'Wrecking Ball' when moving this Wrecker, trust me, it really does add to the effect and your opponant will be sure to thank you for it.