Battlehammer Video Day Part 1 - Discussing The Third Law

We like a Battlehammer video; our many and varied experiences of gaming have tended to involve the humorous verbal barracking of close friends (mainly Geoff), beer and extensive sexual innuendo.  We're not necessarily proud of this, but there comes a point in a mans life when he simply has to accept his own nature.  When Parker and Straw agreed to let us invade the Battlecave for a day we knew what to expect.

This first video is a rambling exploration of the both the background and world of 'The Third Law' as well as tour through some of the key features of the game.  We discuss how The Collapse came about, the role of Empyria and talk through some of the innovative features of the game.  Dave expands on the central role of the Machinist, selecting and upgrading an Array and the dynamic battlegrounds of the world.

It was a real pleasure to talk through the game with two very knowledgable wargamers and their enthusiasm for The Third Law was a huge compliment.  Parker and Straw were really quick to pick up on some of the ideas we hoped would appeal and they found the game quick to learn and very accessible. 

Coming up soon will be the full first look at a game of 'The Third Law', we hope you enjoy it.  Excitingly, The BattleHammer boys were so keen on the game they asked us to furnish them with a beta copy of the rules and resources so over the next few weeks you should start to see more and more Third Law gameplay appearing on their fantastic YouTube channel.