Designing the Carbon Combine

Stage 1 - The Concept

Over the last 9 months we have established something of a mantra here at Primogenesis; 'naming s*%t is hard...'.  Kickstarter has opened the door to many an aspiring design team and an already popular genre of gaming has become even more crowded.  Science fiction wargames are replete with the interesting and exciting ideas of all the fantastically talented companies and individuals out there and it can be hard to find an available corner to work in.

The Carbon Combine were born from a very valuable piece of advice I was given by Rich Loxam (MD of Steamforged Games) when we were discussing the design process for new games.  He explained that it was important to remember that design does not necessarily have to always mean innovation, frequently it is a process of evolution, a step forward or sideways to provide a new take on an existing idea.  It was clear from the word go that it would be very difficult to innovate with so many well established science fiction miniatures games occupying much of the 'design space', I was confident though that we could provide a new and interesting spin on many of the genre staples wargamers had come to enjoy.

The Carbon Combine are exactly this; our version of the 'armour tank' from many a MMORPG.  They are slow, they are heavy, they are exceptionally tough.  The machinary they have repurposed was designed for use in the roughest and most destructive of industries and those who maintain it, repair it and drive it are the hardiest of folk.  The Combine have worked hard to carve out a niche in the World After and they will use the brute strength of their Crusher HAC's, Pickmen and WarDozers to make sure that they defend it. The marauding urban factions who seek to profit from the rare fuels only the Combine can still retrive from the depths of their mines will find heavily armed Wrecker Arrays standing between them and the precious coal and oil that is the lifeblood of any aspiring warlord.