The C.A.E. 'Wretch' II

The C.A.E. Wretch was a late addition to the ranks of the Liberty Division but it quickly became our benchmarking tool for this class of Wrecker

The C.A.E. 'Wretch' has the honour of being our very first production miniature; it was an unlikely candidate for this role given that for the first 6 months of the design process it's Wrecker class did not even exist.  It was the very first of the 'small' Wreckers to be concieved, drafted and playtested and it is now the measuring stick by which all of it's contemporaries are measured.

The aesthetic of this machine owes a great deal to the suits of power armour that have become a sci-fi staple (with no small debt to a rather famous gaming company whose games I grew up playing).  It is something of a 'pocket battleship', with it's relatively small size belaying the power hidden behind the thick armour plating.  I wanted to create a baby brother for the undisputed alpha male of the Liberty Division and our exceptionally talented artist, Adam Burn, linked the two in a number of subtle ways.  Both Wreckers carry a shield on their left arm, although in keeping with it's role, the Wretch's is considerably thicker and less sleek than that of the Punisher.  It lacks the technical sophistication of C.A.E.'s final masterpiece but is no less effective for it; where the Punisher encapsulates a combined arms philosophy of war, the Wretch is brutal in it's simplicity.  The symbolism of it's primary weapon, a wrecking bar, is no accident.  The Wretch is designed to operate with very little support, using it's additional armour to survive encounters with much heavier Wreckers and reliably dishing out significant melee damage over an extended period of time.  If you need to control and hold a node with limited resources, the Wretch is the machine for you.