The Full Metal Dragons - Part 1

The Full Metal Dragons have survived The Collapse better than any of their rivals thanks to their long-sighted investment in robotics technology. In the ruins of The World After, their chrome and red Wreckers set a high benchmark that rival factions aspire to match.

Both the Daikyu and the Naginata are medium Wreckers and are considerably more common than the elite Shogun already previewed.  After The Collapse all the rival factions must carefully marshal precious resources; Wreckers and the fuels that power them are rare commodities.  Whilst there are very few functioning Shoguns remaining in the world, both the Daikyu and Naginata were popular with private security firms across Asia in The World Before and many have been found and restored by Dragon engineers. 

We wanted the Full Metal Dragons to provide a visual counterpoint to the largely battered and worn aesthetic of the other factions.  Where both the Carbon Combine and The Ridden have focused on repurposing industrial machinary the Dragons have been able to call on custom built combat Wreckers.  As the chaos and violence of The Collapse slowly abated, Dragon gang members moved swiftly to retrieve these precious machines from storage facilities, secured and monitored throughout the years of war.  This technological superiority is reflected on the tabletop; only the advanced military equipment of Liberty Division can confidently match a Full Metal Dragon Array, Wrecker for Wrecker. 

This elite status has been well captured by Adam Burn across the artwork for the faction.  Just this week Adam has polished off the Dragons with a logo that reflects both the nostalgic influence of feudal Japanese imagery as well as their newfound status as leaders of this Fallen earth.  The Empyreans aside, the Full Metal Dragons enjoy rare wealth and luxury in the World After.


A Full Metal Dragon Array in full battle readiness is truly a sight to behold. They, more than any, have embraced the ritualistic nature of the secretive Wrecker battles that determine power and influence after The Collapse.  Their Machinists enjoy widespread celebrity amongst the downtrodden scrapings of humanity and bootlegged datadisks of their most famous victories are widely sought after.  For the player that enjoys cold efficiency of purpose and the ability to adapt swiftly to the ever changing shape of battlefields in The Third Law, the flexibilty and sophistication of the Full Metal Dragons are the perfect fit.