Print and Play: Rules and Resources

So you fancy joining a faction and becoming a Machinist do you? Want to drive an Array, trash your opponent and walk away with the spoils and the glory? Well now you can!

The links below will allow you to download all the necessary resources for your first game of The Third Law.  A bit of time spent with a printer and a pair of scissors and you will be ready to plug in and ride The Grid to victory.

As we are still at the pre-Kickstarter stage please be aware these documents are of course subject to change.  In fact, once you have had a read and played a game, why not pop over to the forums and let us know what you think.  We love feedback and simply want to make the best game possible!

The buttons below link to PDF files for all the necessary resources that will allow you to get a fully fledged game on the go.  Please be aware, as we use custom dice for our combat system we have provided two methods to let you replicate these.  There is a dice chart that will allow you to convert the results of any D6 to fit the system (you will just need a few different coloured dice), alternatively you can print off the faces themselves and spend a bit of time with some scissors and a glue stick (pretty much how we started out 12 months ago). 

We recommend you start by giving our tutorial video and document a quick look.  These contain a very simple and user-friendly guide to your first game of 'The Third Law' and will help you get to grips with some of the innovative concepts we are introducing.